TV Writers Set To Strike? I thought they were fired years ago!

Grant Robinson santiago at
Sun Nov 4 21:23:30 MST 2007

On Nov 4, 2007, at 8:57 PM, Zak Johnson wrote:

>> I would suggest to
>> you the same thing I suggest to people who have trouble with the fact
>> that some members of the church (including some of the prophets and
>> apostles) practiced polygamy in the 1800's and that the priesthood
>> was not available to all worthy male members until 1978.  It all
>> comes down to testimony.  Perhaps you should work on strengthening
>> yours.
>> Grant
> I don't disagree with your position on the issue, but I have to say  
> that the
> tenor of your comments leads me to believe that they will not have the
> affect you claim to desire. If I were on the receiving end of such
> statements, I certainly would not be filled with the spirit of  
> repentance
> and a desire to strengthen my testimony.
> my $0.02

I'm sure it probably came across as quite confrontational and self- 
righteous.  I actually haven't said that in person to someone in  
those exact terms, nor would I.  I hope I didn't offend.  It is  
possible I got carried away, mainly because it really irritates me  
when people express sentiments that seem to indicate that they know  
better than the brethren what is best for the church.  Hey, not  
really a news flash that I'm not perfect either.  The point still  
remains though.  My personal opinion is that faith and a strong  
testimony can help people overcome their stumbling blocks with  
regards to current or past church doctrine and practices.  That  
opinion is based on experiences other people have shared with me on  
stumbling blocks they have had (mainly the ones I have mentioned) and  
how they have overcome them.

I said I was done posting, and I really am.  I just wanted to  
clarify.  No, I'm not a self-righteous person.  No, I don't hate  
Merrill.  Yes, his comments irritated me.  No, I will not further  
(after this) the already very off-topic post. :)  If anyone wants to  
continue the discussion, email me off-list.


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