TV Writers Set To Strike? I thought they were fired years ago!

Zak Johnson zakasauraus at
Sun Nov 4 20:57:42 MST 2007

>I would suggest to  
>you the same thing I suggest to people who have trouble with the fact  
>that some members of the church (including some of the prophets and  
>apostles) practiced polygamy in the 1800's and that the priesthood  
>was not available to all worthy male members until 1978.  It all  
>comes down to testimony.  Perhaps you should work on strengthening  


I don't disagree with your position on the issue, but I have to say that the
tenor of your comments leads me to believe that they will not have the
affect you claim to desire. If I were on the receiving end of such
statements, I certainly would not be filled with the spirit of repentance
and a desire to strengthen my testimony.

my $0.02


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