TV Writers Set To Strike? I thought they were fired years ago!

Grant Robinson santiago at
Sun Nov 4 20:41:40 MST 2007

On Nov 4, 2007, at 2:16 PM, Merrill Oveson wrote:

> The church does not have to have the NBC affiliation to broadcast
> conference.  They could be an independent station like KJZZ.

KJZZ is not independent (at least not entirely).  Neither are they a  
pillar of virtue.  They broadcast some nice soap operas, and some of  
the same shows that were shown on network tv (that people have  
complained about) a few years ago.    Second, why would they  
broadcast conference?  Do you really think they would pay to  
broadcast it?  If not, then the church will have to pay to broadcast  
it and/or pay a station to carry it.  All of which would have to come  
out of tithing funds.  So, which temples should the church stop  
building to pay for it?  Lastly, even if they did broadcast  
conference, none of us could watch it.  It would be a "conflict of  
morals" for any church member to watch conference on a station that  
carries anything but pristine, squeaky clean family programming.  It  
would also be a "conflict of morals" for the church to have business  
dealings with such a station, so it would be no different than the  
situation we have now.

> True, NBC would still continue to broadcast the same shows.  Yes,  
> network TV
> will continue to get worse.  I'd just prefer that that church I  
> belong to
> not be a part of it - no matter what the monetary consequences.

So you are saying you would rather have the church stop building  
temples to pay for broadcasting conference?  Or stop building church  
buildings?  Perhaps they should cut off the Perpetual Education  
fund.  Personally, I think any of those things would be worse than  
KSL continuing as the NBC affiliate.  You may prefer that the church  
you belong to not do that, but too bad.  They do.  I would suggest to  
you the same thing I suggest to people who have trouble with the fact  
that some members of the church (including some of the prophets and  
apostles) practiced polygamy in the 1800's and that the priesthood  
was not available to all worthy male members until 1978.  It all  
comes down to testimony.  Perhaps you should work on strengthening  


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