TV Writers Set To Strike? I thought they were fired years ago!

Jeff Anderson jefferya at
Sun Nov 4 15:23:01 MST 2007

I like heroes.

Merrill Oveson wrote:
> Ever heard of an ad hominem attack?  Let's eliminate me entirely from the
> argument shall we?
> I'm a bad person and I'm stupid.  I have no moral authority and I'm destined
> for hell.  Free feel to believe the worst you can about me.  For all
> you know, I'm writing this message at the state penn serving 25 to life for
> murder.  Now attack the following statement all by itself:  "The Church's
> ownership of KSL with its affiliation of NBC is a conflict of morals
> because the programming that NBC provides is contrary to the mission,
> teachings and doctrines of the church."
> On 11/3/07, Alex Esplin <alex.esplin at> wrote:
>> On Nov 3, 2007 5:40 PM, Merrill Oveson <moveson at> wrote:
>>> Once in an early stake priesthood leadership meeting the stake
>> presidency
>>> proposed a boycott of all TV to be carried out by all members within the
>>> stake.  This boycott was proposed for two reasons (1) waste of time (2)
>>> filthy programming.  I wanted to leap up and say, "Yes, but we shouldn't
>>> boycott KSL.  It's owned by the church.  I certainly don't think we
>>> should boycott any church owned business."  Instead, I sat there,
>> laughed
>>> inside and went back to sleep.
>> I think this whole argument is a joke, but if you're going to quote
>> scriptures at everyone for watching TV, even KSL, then it's probably
>> not a good idea to shoot your moral authority in the foot by
>> mentioning sleeping during priesthood meeting.
>> --
>> Alex Esplin
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