TV Writers Set To Strike? I thought they were fired years ago!

Levi Pearson levi at
Sat Nov 3 20:21:36 MDT 2007

"Merrill Oveson" <moveson at> writes:
> Once in an early stake priesthood leadership meeting the stake presidency
> proposed a boycott of all TV to be carried out by all members within the
> stake.  This boycott was proposed for two reasons (1) waste of time (2)
> filthy programming.  I wanted to leap up and say, "Yes, but we shouldn't
> boycott KSL.  It's owned by the church.  I certainly don't think we
> should boycott any church owned business."  Instead, I sat there, laughed
> inside and went back to sleep.
>> Merrill Oveson wrote:
>> > Frankly, it's an embarrassment that the church is involved in such an
>> > obvious and blatant conflict of interest.  I have to laugh every time I
>> sit
>> > in church and hear how evil TV is.
>> >
>> >

Frankly, it's an embarrassment to you that you're making such silly
statements.  If you think the President of the Church has created, or
allowed to come into existence, such an 'obvious and blatant conflict
of interest', it's not clear to me why you still go, unless it's just
to keep your wife happy.  I think there's some sort of term for people
who think they know better about how things should be run....

The whole 'boycott TV because there's bad stuff on it!' strikes me as
kind of silly coming from people who spend vast amounts of time on the


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