TV Writers Set To Strike? I thought they were fired years ago!

Merrill Oveson moveson at
Fri Nov 2 15:39:08 MDT 2007

I've complained about this before including to the Church (Mormon Church) -
even a letter of two to the first presidency.  (Yes, I hold a current
temple.  Yes, I'm suspicious that my name may be on some nonwhite list.
Yes, I'm not the only one who has raised this issue.  No the church does not
have to be affiliate with NBC to broadcast conference.  They could
independent like KJZZ, which airs whatever it wants - within FCC regs of
course.) ....
KSL is owned by Bonneville Communications which is owned by the Church.
KSL is an affiliate of NBC - which means whatever NBC wants aired KSL must
air, with few exceptions.
So essentially, the Church is broadcasting all that "bad stuff" everyone on
this list is complaining about.
In spite of my objections, nothing has changed.
Maybe if enough members said something, church leaders could make KSL a
family oriented station like (Is it PAX?).
Frankly, it's an embarrassment that the church is involved in such an
obvious and blatant conflict of interest.  I have to laugh every time I sit
in church and hear how evil TV is.


On 11/2/07, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> Howdy folks,
> I realize this is completely off topic for the group but I figured it
> might be fun to start this thread anyways.
> I woke up this morning and saw the headline "TV Writers Set To Strike!"
> To which my initial reaction was "They still have writers for TV?  I
> thought they were fired years ago!"
> Regardless though, it seems like all too often the crap coming out of
> the shiny glowing box in my living room makes me feel dumber for
> having watched it.
> It's gotten so bad, that my wife and I no longer watch anything OTA,
> we don't pay for cable, and just go down to the local RedBox kiosk
> every couple of days to rent DVDs, but even that is turning out to be
> a wash, since hollywood seems bent on only making crap movies with
> very few exceptions.  We've recently discovered Miro, which is free
> and does have some nice feeds, but a person can only handle so many <
> 5 minute shows before they go nuts.
> I can't imagine that the highly intelligent folks on this list spend
> much time watching TV, OTA or otherwise, so what do you do for family
> together time (or if single what do you do in your downtime).
> Thanks in advance!
> Sincerely,
> Steve
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