proper disposal of a monitor

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Fri Nov 2 13:42:36 MDT 2007

Is it too late for...

In Soviet Russia, monitor recycles you for carbon credits.

On Nov 2, 2007 1:38 PM, Mister E <Mister.Ed at> wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
> > Mister E wrote:
> >> Recycling is thumbs up all the way, but carbon offsets are a scam
> >> right now.  What a waste!
> >
> > May I ask what makes you sure recycling is so good?
> >
> no.  mainly because I didn't say it was good per se, just that I gave it
> a thumbs up as a private individual. I've looked into a lot of recycling
> issues and technologies lately, so I approve of it in most cases, as
> well as practice it when I can.  But that is my insight, and not yours.
> You need to decide for yourself and act upon what you know or don't
> know. That's the beauty of our Country :)
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