proper disposal of a monitor

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Fri Nov 2 13:39:50 MDT 2007

Steven Alligood wrote:
> Just because they are buying renewable energy blocks does not mean they 
> buy in to the whole carbon credit thing.  That may just be tacked onto 
> the page in order to allow customers who believe it to stay customers.

That would be worse... playing both sides.  We get enough of that from 
the "Clinton-E-stahs" that think we as the general public are stupid and 
not capable of reasoning.

> The entire green way of thinking is catching on right now, and any 
> company that wants in on that bandwagon has to promote green, whether 
> they completely believe it or not.

doesn't make it sound reasoning. History is full of failing idears that 
was "catching on" at the time.  Most of it looks be another lemming 
episode that the enviros trap unknowing folks with.

My advice, look before your leap, even as a company.  Even good sounding 
idears can be a trap.  Then follow the money.  Most of the time it's 
corrupt an/or foolish when it's political, and environmentalism is 95% 
political in the pretense of good intentions.

> Whatever they believe, good for them for using wind power for at least 
> some of their stuff.

   wind power and solar are the most expensive power sources. Go nuke if 
you really care for the environment, yet don't despise humans.

As for the recycling, the GRX folks are the best alternative I could 
find for eRecycling at a local level, and that is the point here... 
doing waste disposal better than before, not wasting money on the latest 
fad just because others appear to be gullible.  So it remains, my 
impression of xmission (as a progressive company only, not in their 
services nor personnel) went down when the lemming-like feel-good 
intentions came out for a fad.

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