networking thru electrical wiring

Steve smorrey at
Fri Nov 2 11:35:25 MDT 2007

It's called HPNA, and it's great if you have good wiring in your home.
And WiFI doesn't work because your inside walls are made of chicken
wire which makes your home a faraday cage as opposed to sheetrock
which seems to allow WiFi signals to pass through them ok.

However all devices connected via HPNA have to be on the same physical
circcuit in the home, so if say 2 plugs are serviced by 2 different
breakers then it's simply not going to work.

They say you can get speed approaching 200MBs per second, but in my
experience the BEST was 10MBs and the avg was closer 1MBs.


On Nov 2, 2007 11:27 AM, Mike Beal <bealmail at> wrote:
> Never tried this, but looking into it now. Does anyone have experience with
> using existing electrical wiring for networking? For example, what about this
> device from CDW:
> Thanks,
> Mike
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