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Steven Alligood steve at
Fri Nov 2 09:49:56 MDT 2007

Just because they are buying renewable energy blocks does not mean they 
buy in to the whole carbon credit thing.  That may just be tacked onto 
the page in order to allow customers who believe it to stay customers.

The entire green way of thinking is catching on right now, and any 
company that wants in on that bandwagon has to promote green, whether 
they completely believe it or not.

Also, I do not know how much power xmission uses, but my guess would be 
that the 3100 blocks they purchase is not anywhere near how much power 
they use.  It is just an offset.


Whatever they believe, good for them for using wind power for at least 
some of their stuff.


Mister E wrote:
> Nicholas Leippe wrote:
>> I just came across this page, and remembered this thread:
>  My high impression of xmission after seeing that page took a massive 
> nose dive within 30 seconds. Can't believe they are buying into the 
> carbon credits hoopla. Recycling is thumbs up all the way, but carbon 
> offsets are a scam right now.  What a waste!
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