Edubuntu on older machines.

Steve smorrey at
Fri Nov 2 09:48:31 MDT 2007

Hello Everyone,

Recently my sister in law who has 4 kids and only one computer,
approached me about securing their only computer because it kept
getting infested with Malware (teenager visiting MySpace evidently).
The computer is circa 2001 or 2002 and relatively low spec'd even by
the standards back then.
It's used pretty much exclusively by the kids, for homework, games
(mostly online and casual), and web surfing.
Her kids are ages 15, 12, 9, 5.

I made a recommendation that we wipe windows and install Edubuntu on
it, and now it runs like a champ, and even the 5 year old is becoming
computer literate thanks to gCompris.
This has got me thinking.  I have several old machines collecting dust
in the garage, some are laptops, some are desktops, and I'm sure that
others on this list do as well.
Seems like a good thing to do with them, would be to collect them up,
slap Edubuntu on them and give them to needy kids in the local area.

Is anyone here aware of a similar program in the area, and if not
would anyone like to assist me in starting an endeavor such as this?
Furthermore, is anyone aware of any needy kids especially families in
the area who could benefit from this?

Anyways, as always thanks in advance for the feedback!


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