Very OT: Possible Scam, what do you think?

David D Turley turley at
Sat Mar 31 22:29:44 MDT 2007

A friend of mine recently got this from a sale they did on Amazon

From: "Dr. Christopher J. Reiss" <lastresortfarm at>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 21:05:16 -0400
Subject: RE: Your Amazon Marketplace Purchase
Message-ID: <BAY104-F184F808F2C934F92B9E5B1DA610 at phx.gbl>
I purchased over 3,000 CDs recently from Amazon Marketplace and I am 
reviewing records from February. I see the CD I ordered from you (see 
listing below for full details) has not arrived yet, though your notice 
indicated it was sent to be sent 1st class Feb 27th; please advise and/or

issue a refund asap.
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