finding sound card

Brett Rasmussen brett.rasmussen at
Sat Mar 31 17:57:13 MDT 2007

Hi, all.

I've been fruitlessly searching the web for the last hour and a half 
trying to figure this one out, so I figured I'd see if anybody had any advice.

I have a SlimDevices Sqeezebox in my family room and my computer in my 
living room. I'm trying to sync the sound using SlimServer. I'm using 
Softsqueeze on the computer, and it does everything correctly except think 
my computer has a sound card. It does (xmms works), but upon launching, 
SoftSqueeze shows me a "Softsqueeze could not find a sound card on your 
computer" message.

Softsqueeze is a Java app, and someone out there suggested specifying the 
sound card as a system pref to Java upon launching:

java -Daudio.mixer="my_sound_card" -jar Softsqueeze.jar

How do I figure out what to put in the "my_sound_card" part? I've tried 
the output of scanpci ("VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller") or "asoundconf 
list" ("rev50"), but Java doesn't take either one ("JavaSoundPlayer: mixer 
not found: rev50").

I don't know much about sound on linux, so I don't even know if I'm 
barking up the right tree. Should I just specify "ALSA" somehow? Could it 
be related to the fact that the sound is on the motherboard?


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