Recommendations: Simple IM server for office LAN

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Thu Mar 29 14:30:35 MDT 2007

On 3/29/07, Wade Preston Shearer <lists at> wrote:
> Are there linux chat apps that support Apple's open bonjour protocol
> [1]? The sweet thing about it is that anyone can talk to anyone else
> on the same network with and it doesn't require a server or accounts;
> it's just client to client.

Supposedly the iChat protocol is link-local XMPP, which is supported
by the Telepathy framework plugin called "salut" to some extent
supposedly.  I haven't had it work for me yet, but in any case it's a
standard protocol that should be supported by at least Gaim and
Telepathy in the near future.

It looks like the Gaim Bonjour protocol support isn't being included
in current builds of Ubuntu Feisty.  Other distros may be including it

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