Recommendations: Simple IM server for office LAN

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Thu Mar 29 14:17:02 MDT 2007

> Which Jabber? The server I tried to install wanted a full-blown  
> MySQL back end. I want a no-auth, no-config jabber that just works  
> out of the box.

I don't know, actually. Sorry, I have never actually installed and  
configured a Jabber server. I have just used Jabber servers. We  
implemented one into a social networking site (with java client) that  
I worked on with a developer and we have one here at work and  
connecting and using it was a breeze. I don't know about the  
installation process though.

Are there linux chat apps that support Apple's open bonjour protocol  
[1]? The sweet thing about it is that anyone can talk to anyone else  
on the same network with and it doesn't require a server or accounts;  
it's just client to client.

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