Asterisk installed at home. Looking for cool ideas

Michael Lovell toelovell at
Wed Mar 28 12:19:15 MDT 2007

Troy Bowman wrote:
> On Mar 16, 2007, at 7:39 PM, Chris Carey wrote:
>> I've finally got a working Asterisk install at home, and I'm trying to
>> think of how to add some pizzazz. Any suggestions?
> I know this is late to the game, (I read this list when I get to it),
> but I've been having lots of fun with Asterisk.  A couple of things
> I've done:
> If the call is between 9pm and 8am, it gives one of the two variations
> of "Do you know what time it is?" and then proceeds to give the
> current time.  It then tries to elude their call by giving them the
> first option of leaving a message, or, "If this is an emergency," they
> can *really* ring our phone.  My wife really likes this feature, as
> she hates it when the phone rings after 9pm :)
> My parents live in mexico, and it costs a lot to call across the
> border.  So, when I saw them last, I gave them one of those cheap
> budgetone barbie phones to plug into their DSL connection.  When they
> got home and plugged it in, it connected right up to my Asterisk
> server!  Now I can call them whenever I want for free.  In fact, I
> made a menu option for when people call my qwest phone line to allow
> them to forward to my parents in Mexico if they want.  Great for
> family members here who would like to talk to them for free.  And of
> course, my parents can make free local calls, too, not to mention
> cheap-as-in-dirt long distance calls across voicepulse.
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There was something cool that I saw on a while ago. It was a
script for Asterisk that would set things up so that you could call
Asterisk, let it ring once, hang up and then asterisk would call the
number back and give you another dial tone. This lets you do like a
relay through asterisk and the regular pstn.

There are a few cases where this would be useful. One would be if you
need to made a long distance call from a phone that has expensive or no
long distance. You call asterisk and could then make a call through it
using you VoIP provider. The use that the guys on digg suggested is for
cell phones. You call asterisk and since you don't allow it to connect,
it doesn't show up on your bill. Asterisk calls you and then you can
call anywhere. The call will show up as an incoming call and if you have
a plan with unlimited incoming you don't get charged for any of it. Not
so useful with current cell plans but a thought.

Mike Lovell

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