MySQL last table alteration time

Steve Alligood steve at
Wed Mar 28 11:23:31 MDT 2007

Please be aware that most of the versions of mysql 5 have a bug with the 
information_schema view that causes major performance degradation when 
you use it with a "large amounts of data" or "a lot of tables".  This 
could be a couple hundred tables or even a couple hundred MB of data

small databases are probably fine.


Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> On Tue, March 27, 2007 16:12, Dave Smith wrote:
>> Does MySQL provide a way to query the last time a table's data was
>> changed (i.e., insert, delete, or update)? Preferably, I'd like to
>> execute an SQL statement to get the information. I realize I could go
>> look at the .frm files on disk, but I may not have local access to the
>> MySQL server.
> You might take a look at this:
> If you are using v5 you can also likely use the information_schema view.
> -Ryan
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