Linux lockup

Shane Hathaway shane at
Tue Mar 27 13:27:26 MDT 2007

Brian Hawkins wrote:
> I've ran a memtest for over 9 hours and that is fine.  The system seems 
> to run pretty cool.  It doesn't lock up when I'm really pushing it.  The 
> lock ups tend to be random, like I'll go to click the back button while 
> surfing the internet and wham!.  It is a total lockup too.  I cannot 
> even ssh to the box from another machine when it happens.

Could it be a bad power supply?  This is a typical symptom of a PSU that 
generates too much line noise.  It's also typical of an overheating CPU 
or chipset.

Does it ever happen when the computer is unattended?

Does it ever happen in text mode (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-F1)?

Have you tried the "nv" open source driver instead of the "nvidia" 
proprietary driver?  If the kernel is locking up and you want help from 
the mailing lists, you need to remove all tainted code, such as the 
nvidia driver, before the kernel devs will listen.


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