Cross-posting Poll

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Mon Mar 26 14:40:07 MDT 2007

On Mon, March 26, 2007 14:20, H Glenn Hatfield wrote:
>> If everyone can take a second and vote that would be helpful. If we see a large
>> percentage choose PLUG and SLLUG then posting to SLLUG alone may be better than
>> cross posting. However, if we see a various mixture then that can help us as well.
> According to there are 9 LUGs
> in Utah.  Most of them assume geographic boundaries. A few are tied to
> universities.
> It seems that the issue with cross-posting here is that many people
> subscribe to both lists, and don't like seeing disjoint conversations
> covering the same topic.  Since we are using e-mail, and not usenet
> (where you can actually cross-post as opposed to multi-posting), how
> does one come to the conclusion that one should post on PLUG as opposed
> to SLLUG?
> Should there perhaps be a WFLUG (Wasatch Front) since there seems to be
> a lot of overlap?  Do we tell people who are subscribed to two lists
> supposedly comprised of geographically separated members to accept the
> fact that sometimes topics apply to both lists?
> Should we require people to post their address when posting so we may
> decide if they are allowed to post (I currently live and work in Salt
> Lake, so I really should never pay attention to the Provo LUG)?  Perhaps
> have them list the Credit Unions for which they are eligible?
> Personally, I think that the amount of "cross-posting" is acceptable.
> Even though there may be a high overlap, I feel we should err on the
> side of inclusion.  I am undecided on whether or not there is enough
> geographic separation to warrant two (four if we count the BYUUG and the
> UVLUG) LUGs, though I think I would be in favor of a merging of the
> lists.
> my $.37
> H Glenn Hatfield

I think the poll results so far back up what you are saying. As you said 'many
people subscribe to both lists.' I think it is valuable information to get an idea
how many 'many' is. Of course, it is speculative anyway since I can't force people
to take the poll. I only hope it is representative of the larger user base.

As PLUG has various announcements that may be of interest to SLLUG members I think
that multi-posting is completely reasonable (and vise verse). It seems by the
results so far that not doing so would exclude a large number of poll respondents
(by percentage).

As far as PLUG boundaries go the only requirement for membership is active
participation. If you live in Canada, and you participate with PLUG via the mailing
list, is that okay? In my opinion it is. Of course, we do have a lot more to offer
local individuals than those living in a different country. Which, incidentally,
does occur with the Pune, India LUG: And I have had a very similar
e-mail exchange with their officers.

What I find most interesting so far with this poll is the number of 'PLUG Only'
votes (by percentage). I would have thought that with SLLUGs relatively low traffic
that more PLUGers would have subscribe to SLLUG. Clearly I was mistaken.


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