Monitoring File ctime changes?

Michael Lovell toelovell at
Mon Mar 26 13:01:53 MDT 2007

Hello Everyone,
I have an interesting situation with a backup system. The system
determines what files have changed for the incremental backups by
looking at the ctime on the file. No big deal there. Unfortunately,
there is something that will change the ctime on all of the files on a
1.4TB volume which causes the backup system to backup the whole volume
every week or two. Do any of you know an easy way to monitor for a
change in ctime and be able to report what process changed it? The
volume that this is happening with is running on a server with Novell
OES and samba 3.0.20 that has both Windows and Mac Clients connecting to
it. The weird thing is that this one volume is the only one it is
happening to this one volume. The others on the server don't have this
problem. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for the help in advance.
Mike Lovell

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