Logos Needed

Paul Seamons paul at seamons.com
Mon Mar 26 12:48:53 MDT 2007

> Wade's attachment to the list was about 6.8k of gifs.

Let's see.
Your email was 4.3 K.
In response to Joel's email which was 3.8K
In response to Doran's which was 4.0K
In response to Lars' which was 4.8
In response to Doran's which was 4.7
In response to Stuart's which was 3.9
In response to Doran's which was 3.8
In response to the original offending email which sits in my box at a whopping 

So 29.3K of discussing.  Assuming every other one is saying don't do it then I 
get 16.8K of email in that one line (not even the entire thread) saying don't 
send emails containing attachments.

Considering the dissertations that rival short books and are sometimes sent 
out in email threads, I think the judicial attachment of small images is a 
fine thing.  Surely in some cases it is better to send a URL - but that does 
loose the "archivability" that the mailing list provides.

Now I have managed to extend the thread further.  I hope, but really my hope 
is in vain, that the list can discuss important things that come up rather 
than dwell on minutia.  Of course, some days are so boring on plug that even 
the minutia become interesting.


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