Linux lockup

Brian Hawkins brianhks at
Mon Mar 26 13:23:03 MDT 2007

I've ran a memtest for over 9 hours and that is fine.  The system seems 
to run pretty cool.  It doesn't lock up when I'm really pushing it.  The 
lock ups tend to be random, like I'll go to click the back button while 
surfing the internet and wham!.  It is a total lockup too.  I cannot 
even ssh to the box from another machine when it happens.

I've looked at ulimit to get a core dump but I'm not sure that will 
catch what is going on.

The worst part of this is that I'm loosing the argument with my wife as 
to why I switched to linux :(


Stephen Shaw wrote:
> Not sure how to, but you might want to enable kernel dumps.  That
> should/might be able to help you out more
> Stephen

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