Subversion file and directory name size limit

Steve smorrey at
Fri Mar 23 19:20:32 MDT 2007

I've done much worse to SVN repos before.
I wrote a little script to run when my IDE exited, it was meant to
clean up all the little ~ backup files created by the ide and auto add
anything new.

svn add *
svn delete * (was supposed to be svn delete *~)
svn commit -m "Auto added new files to repo"

Yes this is an example of some of the worst thought out code I've ever created.

On 3/23/07, Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
> > Do file and directory names have a size limit when controlled by
> > subversion? I have a directory in my subversion project called
> > "foobarfoobar" and if I create a new directory "foobarfoobarfoo"
> > (notice the extra three characters), it confuses the two and moves
> > files from one to the other and tells me the longer one is already
> > under version control when I try to "svn add" it. Any help? Google
> > hasn't been forthcoming for me.
> Dave, you drooling bafoon! You copied the .svn directories from
> "foobarfoobar" when you created the "foobarfoobarfoo" directory! Do this
> to fix it:
> cd foobarfoobarfoo
> find . -name .svn -exec rm -rfv {} \;
> cd ..
> svn add foobarfoobarfoo
> svn commit -m "I'm dumb" foobarfoobarfoo
> And now go fix the "foobarfoobar" directory because you told svn to do
> strange things. If svn has a file name size limit, this ain't the
> problem. In this case, it was user error.
> --Dave
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