You see a sign post up ahead it reads, "Welcome to RPM Hell"

Steve Alligood steve at
Thu Mar 22 14:07:39 MDT 2007

I actually did an "cd /; rm -rf *" on a Solaris box a few years ago. 
Once it finished, I booted from cd and mounted it.  A lot of my data was 
still there.  It seems that the system crashed (and rm stopped) as soon 
as was deleted.

Not a recommended form of data removal, but quite interesting.


Ryan Simpkins wrote:
>>>> On 3/22/07, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at> wrote:
>>>>> You should be using FC6. But do us all a favor, don't come back
>>>>> complaining when you have to install hundreds of updates after the
>>>>> install. Fedora works that way by design.
> For the record, I upgraded FC5 (most up to date) to FC6. Upgrading took about an
> hour and twenty minutes. After the upgrade: yum update. Now I'm installing 989
> packages! Thank you Fedora!
> I'm not complaining see... I'm happy about it. See my joy and enthusiasm leap off
> the page?! Where is the nearest CD burner?? Where oh where? I've got a couple isos
> on the way down. dd if=/dev/urandom bs=512 count=1 of=/dev/sda, rm -Rf /, destroy,
> destroy!
> -Ryan
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