death to gmail users!

Hill, Greg grhill at
Thu Mar 22 14:01:15 MDT 2007

> Top posting isn't lazy or stupid... it's better.  I like to see the
> recent stuff up front.  I bottom post because that's what most other
> people want, but top posting is still better.  Of course, I'm not that
> picky either... I'll read what interests me whether it's top-posted,
> bottom-posted.  If the email has lot's of overhead I read what
> me, and move on.  Lot's of header and footer stuff, no biggie - I'll
> just skip it...

I have a feeling I'll be one of the few on this list to agree with you.
It's a better way, but some people are set in their ways.  New
information is first and obviously separated from the old.  Any other
method is a waste of time for both the sender and reader.  What's worse
is when people whine about other people not conforming to their
preferred method.  Get over it, people.  If it bothers you that much,
block the sender.


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