Thoughts on SuSE: What do you think?

Michael Lovell toelovell at
Thu Mar 22 13:02:20 MDT 2007

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> I'm thinking of trying out SuSE for a laptop I've got. I hear they charge you for
> updates though. Is that true? Can you guys please share your SuSE experiences
> (good/bad)?
> I'm certainly not going to pay for updates to F/OSS software. The community built
> it, the community supports it, and the community wants it to be Free. I'm happy to
> pay for support if I need it, but not updates. The CentOS project essentially
> repackages the RHEL updates/system, does SuSE have a similar option? If not, is
> there something stopping someone from doing so?
> -Ryan
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I currently run openSuSE 10.2 on my laptop and it works great. I have a
Dell D420 and I even got 3d Desktop Effects working with the crappy
integrated video. Also, if you have a wireless card that is supported
(an most are now), it installs NetworkManager and I can use wireless as
easy as I did in windows.
If you do decided to use openSuSE, download the DVD or use the Add-on CD
because it gives you stuff like Flash, Acrobat, Helix (RealPlayer and
Banshee), and Java.
Just my $.02.

Mike Lovell

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