Thoughts on SuSE: What do you think?

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Thu Mar 22 11:40:30 MDT 2007

On 3/22/07, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> I'm thinking of trying out SuSE for a laptop I've got. I hear they charge you for
> updates though. Is that true? Can you guys please share your SuSE experiences
> (good/bad)?

I ran SuSE when I worked at Novell and really liked it.  Its a great
distribution with a lot of talented people working on it.  My only
complaint is that I didn't like the YCP scripting language that Yast
is written in but that doesn't matter if you are not writing yast

I did have problems trying to find packages for SuSE.  It seems like
packages are more readily available for debian and or fedora.

> I'm certainly not going to pay for updates to F/OSS software. The community built
> it, the community supports it, and the community wants it to be Free.

A large part of the community is working for the like of Novell and or
Red Hat.  Someone has to pay for the bandwidth and servers to deliver
those update to you.

> I'm happy to
> pay for support if I need it, but not updates. The CentOS project essentially
> repackages the RHEL updates/system, does SuSE have a similar option? If not, is
> there something stopping someone from doing so?

Open SuSE is an official Novell project for their free version
(  I am not sure if a free alternative to
SLES exists.


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