Thoughts on SuSE: What do you think?

Steve smorrey at
Thu Mar 22 11:39:20 MDT 2007

OpenSuSE is I think is what you're looking for.
I've never had a bad SuSE experience right off the bat.  My problems
usually occur after the distro has been installed for a year or so.
I've used it off and on since about version 8 and finally gave up on
it after 10.0 shipped and things stopped working that were working in
version 9 even under a clean install.

All in all it's a solid well thought out and well put together distro.
 I've not heard of many others who have had similar problems to me,
and likely it could be that I just tend to purchase the cheapest
hardware money can buy and sometimes thats not wise.

FYI if your looking for a really good desktop linux for a laptop, I've
just finished distro hopping on 3 different laptops (2 dells and an
HP) and Kubuntu was by far and away the easiest install of them all,
everything just worked.  The wifi support felt far superior (strangely
though on one of my laptops wifi stopped auto initializing at boot
after a recent update and I now have to enable it manually).

Anyways thats my 2 cents for what it's worth, Kubuntu Edgy seems to
have the best laptop support and even my wifi and docking stations (2
linux on laptop challenges) work perfectly.

On 3/22/07, Ryan Simpkins <plug at> wrote:
> I'm thinking of trying out SuSE for a laptop I've got. I hear they charge you for
> updates though. Is that true? Can you guys please share your SuSE experiences
> (good/bad)?
> I'm certainly not going to pay for updates to F/OSS software. The community built
> it, the community supports it, and the community wants it to be Free. I'm happy to
> pay for support if I need it, but not updates. The CentOS project essentially
> repackages the RHEL updates/system, does SuSE have a similar option? If not, is
> there something stopping someone from doing so?
> -Ryan
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