You see a sign post up ahead it reads, "Welcome to RPM Hell"

Steve smorrey at
Thu Mar 22 09:29:59 MDT 2007

Hey everyone,
I want to test my application as broadly as possible.
I have several machines running various and sundry distro's, including
the Ubuntu family, some smaller unheard of distro's and a even a
gentoo machine.
Then I realized I don't have any RPM based distros currently running,
(Suse, Redhat etc)

So I downloaded and installed Fedora Desktop 7 last night.
And much to my chagrin, my very first run through the update system
(pup?), and no less than 15 "updates" were in conflict so of course
the update completely failed out rather than offer potential

I decided to drop to a command line and see if I could rectify the
situation, but lo and behold when I tried to sudo a couple of
commands, lo and behold...
"You are not in the sudoers group, this incident has been reported.

I can't believe after all these years away from RedHat (my last
installed distro was RH9), and we still have RPM hell.
No other distro in recent memory suffers from dependency hell anymore,
so whats the deal with Fedora?

I also can't believe that my initial user account was not given sudo
rights, nor was I prompted during creation whether or not I wanted to
have them on the account.

This whole distro is ridiculous.

In fact the only nice thing I can say about the distro is it does have
some pretty wallpapers and icons.

Ok so rants aside, is there some way to get these updates and have the
dependency problems be automagically resolved by the updater tool?

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