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Dan Stovall dbstovall at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 09:23:04 MDT 2007

On 3/21/07, Von Fugal <von at fugal.net> wrote:
> I second that Veracity is bad. Although I don't have much to compare it
> to. Compared to what I have now... I find myself wishing I still had
> Veracity. In general my experience with Veracity was unreliable,
> although the support was friendly and informative, e.g. "yeah, we know
> the problem and we're working on it, should be up in X." I just wished
> they didn't have the problems to begin with.

We have Veractiy, now Nuvont, on iProvo.  We have never had a problem
with Internet or Phone but our TV has always had problems.  We have
been through 5 or 6 set top boxes with various problems.  They freeze
up, the DVR model is *LOUD* so don't put one in your bedroom if you
want to sleep, plus it has this very bright blue LED on the front that
you can't turn off.  The features for the DVR are lousy in my opinion.
 The support was OK when we could get a hold of them.  When we've had
problems it has always been easier for me to just go down to their
offices, which are just a block away from my office, than to try and
call them.  I wouldn't recommend MStar either.  Some of my neighbors
went weeks with no phone service recently.  They were let out of their
contract and have switched back to Qwest.  I too would jump to
XMission in a second if they were allowed on iProvo.  I think iProvo
has become the poster child for failed municipal networks.  While
Utopia has it's problems it is far more successful simply because it
at least has a few competent providers, AT&T and Xmission, even if
Dynamic City is able to foul things up for them from time to time.
With iProvo you have to go with 1 of 2 horrible choices.  Stay away
from Veracity and MStar.

I swear Power Point is going to be the downfall of higher education in
western society.

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