[OT] Reflowing BGA solder of a Video Chip on my Laptop

Adam Findley adam at cs.byu.edu
Wed Mar 21 23:48:33 MDT 2007

I have an IBM T41 that has had some board trauma.  Apparently you flex 
the motherboard if you carry it only on one side, which causes the video 
chip to separate from the motherboard.  After doing some research, it 
seems like it's a known problem, with a rather tricky solution:  You 
have to reflow the BGA (Ball Grid Array) solder in order to get the 
thing working again.

So, does anyone have experience reflowing BGA solder? Or does anyone 
know which professor or company that would be willing to help me get 
this done?  The only other step from here I can see is buying a new 
motherboard (which looks inevitable).

Here's the relevant discussion of the problem:


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