[OT] UTOPIA advise

Steve Meyers steve-plug at spwiz.com
Wed Mar 21 12:32:49 MDT 2007

plug.org at 2nerds.com wrote:
> Others have reported great success with UTOPIA, so YMMV.  My suspicion
> is that most folks who are happy with UTOPIA either don't monitor
> link-up rates very closely or they just haven't ever experienced
> anything better.  All I know is that my UTOPIA line suffers more
> downtime on a weekly basis than I saw in literally years of service
> with my old Speakeasy DSL circuit.  While I marvel at the speed of
> UTOPIA, I long for the rock-solid stability of that old slow and
> relatively expensive DSL line.

I do actually monitor my own uptime.  I started doing that during the 
first month of UTOPIA.  Like I said in another email, UTOPIA was 
definitely on the sucky side the first six months, but has been great 
ever since.  Maybe Dynamic City has stopped doing maintenance in my area 
of Orem, and so they don't screw things up anymore.  I have also heard 
stories about Dynamic City's incompetence, so your story doesn't 
surprise me.

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