C++ stylistic concerns?

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Wed Mar 21 10:02:20 MDT 2007

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 09:29 -0600, Steve wrote:
>> Ok sorry allow me to clarify.
>> wxWidgets was ruled out by the client in the contract wording.
>> When I asked why they said "We cannot re-license it", which is fine
>> they want a library that they can set the licensing terms on pretty
>> much soup to nuts.
> Umm, no one can do this for any license typically.  The library doesn't
> belong to them.

The IBM public license allows it if memory serves. IANAL, but at my last 
job, we re-released a library that was released to use under the IBM 
public license under our own commercial license. The only requirement 
was attribution to the original author. I seem to remember reading the 
license to make sure of it, and feeling assured that that was indeed the 

Strange, but true.


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