C++ stylistic concerns?

Brian Hawkins brianhks at activeclickweb.com
Tue Mar 20 23:02:20 MDT 2007

I think your approach is the right one.  If you want it used, think of 
what the developer that is using your code will have to do.  Whatever 
makes their life easier is the right approach.  I've used several cross 
platform libraries and it is very nice to be able to just #include 
<xproj.h> in my code.  This makes my code even more cross platform as I 
do not have to maintain any ifdefs or other such nonsense.


Steve wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm hoping someone with more experience in this matter than me can
> answer a quick question about longterm code maintainance.
> Up until now most of my code has been quick little "throw away" jobs,
> stuff that I never expect to last long enough for maintainance to be a
> major concern.
> Now I've picked up a project that will be dual licensed with GPL and
> an optional proprietary closed source license (so end users don't have
> to open up their code base if they want to, instead they can just pay
> a small fee).
> Anyways, the heart of the project is a cross platform wrapper for
> Windows Linux and Mac, it wraps OpenGL, Input and Sound, effectively
> making a gaming library.
> At first I tried the traditional approach of creating a couple .h
> files for each unit interface, and a different .cpp file for each
> platforms implementation.
> I ran into a whole lot of compile time issues with this approach
> mostly due to the fact that each system relies to one extent or
> another on each of the other systems.
> So I tried a new style I had read about.
> In this style, you create a .h for your basic definitions on each
> system, then you place a few #ifdefs for each platform and #include a
> platform specific header to handle the implementation details.
> It looks a little like this
> /*PlatformGL.h*/
> namespace Platform{
>        namespace GL{
>             void Init(int width,int height,bool fullscreen);
>        }
> }
> #ifdef LINUX
> #include "PlatformGLLinux.h"
> #endif
> #ifdef WINDOWS
> #include "PlatformGLWindows.h"
> #endif
> #ifdef MACINTOSH
> #include "PlatformGLMac.h"
> #endif
> What concerns me most is the long term maintainability of the code,
> something tells me I may be creating a maintainance nightmare by going
> this route since the .h files are effectively just the *.cpp files
> renamed to *.h
> But I just can't put my finger on why this feels like a bad idea.
> Maybe it's just because it's so different than anything I've done before.
> On the bright side though a user of this library could just #include a
> single header file to have access to the entire system, and just issue
> a make on each platform without any need to retool (hopefully).
> Anyways, if someone has seen this method of library creation before
> and has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
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