linksys wrt54g content filtering

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Tue Mar 20 18:18:40 MDT 2007

--- Brett Rasmussen <brett.rasmussen at> wrote:
> Finally, I'm open to suggestions on whatever other
> possibilities could achieve this same effect: build my own
> firewall/router with a box I get from DI (what filtering
> software would I use?), ISPs with server-side filtering
> (although I'm on iProvo and I'm pretty sure Veracity and
> MStar don't do that), some online service I don't know about,
> etc. It just has to be centralized, not-at-each-box filtering,
> and preferably with various levels or categories of that to
> be filtered (other features, like email alerts or logging of
> naughty activity, are welcome as well).

I'm not aware of a filtering package that will fit on a Linksys
router, but if you're willing to put together a PC to act as a
firewall/proxy/filter, then DansGuardian is a great way to go.
I've been using it at home, first on Linux and later on FreeBSD,
for four or five years now, and it works very well.

MStar does offer a filtering system, but I'm not sure how much of
it resides on their servers and how much has to be installed on
your desktop.  Their system from a few years ago ran as a proxy,
but it required that you either manually configure your browser
proxy settings or install an application to set them up for you.
I don't know what their current system does, except that I'm
fairly sure it's not the same one they used to use.  Veracity
probably also offers something, but it might well be a desktop
application.  In either case, I prefer DansGuardian because if
there's ever a problem -- either something that should be allowed
that gets blocked, or something that should be blocked that gets
through -- I have immediate access to fix it.

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