linksys wrt54g content filtering

Joel Finlinson joel at
Tue Mar 20 17:05:58 MDT 2007

On 3/20/07, Dallin Jones <squitoey at> wrote:
> > Finally, I'm open to suggestions on whatever other possibilities could
> > achieve this same effect: build my own firewall/router with a box I get
> > from DI (what filtering software would I use?), ISPs with server-side


If you decide to build your own, I recommend using DansGuardian. Works
> well, and is very easy to install. As for the Linksys, is stores
> everything in the NVRAM. I don't know if the factory firmware allows
> you to mess with that, but the OpenWRT seemds to work well. I have
> been meaning to look into some kind of filtering for it, but alas, I
> have no time. I am pretty sure that Dansguardian will not work with
> out modification to the box, it uses a lot of disk space, and the
> WRT54G only has 8-16MB depending on the model.
> Dallin

I've built a couple of DansGuardian boxes and they worked pretty well.  I
found that was
easier to build and maintain than the version.

I second the comment of DDWrt being a very good firmware to stick on your
linksys router.  The mesh-networking was very nice to get working.

   Happy tweaking.


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