linksys wrt54g content filtering

Brett Rasmussen brett.rasmussen at
Tue Mar 20 14:52:15 MDT 2007

Hello, all.

I have a home network behind a linksys wrt54g wireless router, and I'd 
like to do content filtering at the router itself to keep out the bad 
stuff. Does anyone have any experiences with this sort of thing?

A few things about my situation: I'm using the factory firmware, and it 
has a few fields under "access restrictions" wherein you can block 
websites by URL or keyword. They don't seem to work. Even if they did, 
there are only 3 fields for websites and 6 for keywords. I'm sure that 
data is being saved in a file somewhere on the router, but I wouldn't know 
where to look for it (and grep and find on the router's distro aren't 
playing nicely). Can anybody point me in the right direction on that count?

I know there are routers that have built-in parental controls (that tie 
into filtering services and the like), and I just might wind up buying 
one, but I'm curious if I can (relatively easily) get the one I already 
have working before shelling out. If I do wind up buying one, I appreciate 
any recommendations.

I've looked around at different firmwares for the linksys, but I can't 
tell if any of them has any more advanced filtering than the factory 
firmware, and I thought I'd ask before going through the hassle of trying 
them out one by one.

One possible alternative would be to use OpenWRT, which as I understand it 
allows for a full writeable filesystem on the router so you can run your 
own scripts. I don't have time to code up anything fancy myself, but I'm 
thinking I could maybe take that route and use some small filtering 
software from freshmeat or something like that. For those who know more 
than I do, would that be a viable option?

Finally, I'm open to suggestions on whatever other possibilities could 
achieve this same effect: build my own firewall/router with a box I get 
from DI (what filtering software would I use?), ISPs with server-side 
filtering (although I'm on iProvo and I'm pretty sure Veracity and MStar 
don't do that), some online service I don't know about, etc. It just has 
to be centralized, not-at-each-box filtering, and preferably with various 
levels or categories of that to be filtered (other features, like email 
alerts or logging of naughty activity, are welcome as well).

Thanks much,

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