[OT] UTOPIA advise

Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 16:45:58 MDT 2007

> I've never tried AT&T's service, but I've had service from all
> three of the other providers, and my experience was that
> XMission is *very* good, Veracity is *very* bad, and MStar
> achieves more or less the same astounding level of mediocrity
> as Comcast.  If XMission were to become available on iProvo,
> I'd switch to their service the very day it came online.


I like your analysis.  Its true that UTOPIA charges the provider and then on
to the customer (most of the time).  I understand the practice, but that's
at a wholesale rate which essentially means that what UTOPIA charges is
probably less than what the providers are passing on, save XMission, which
in my experience is more friendly than most.  AT&T I am sure has some sort
of upper boundary limit, which I am guessing they'd tell me about if I hit
it. (optimism is a great thing!)



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