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Jeff Nyman Jeff.Nyman at caselle.com
Mon Mar 19 15:41:36 MDT 2007

I vote xmission. Very knowledgeable. Have only went over the limit once and
they did nothing about it. I even have 6 neighbors on a wireless lan and run
a web and mail server and do a little bittorrent now and then 'cause
sometimes I miss Battlestar and have to watch it :) 

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UTOPIA will be coming to my neighborhood very soon and I was hoping to get
some good advise about which provider to go with. There are four choices of
service providers for UTOPIA:
1) AT&T
2) Mstar
3) Veracity
4) Xmission

Mstar and Xmission have a bandwidth cap of 100 GB per month. I really have
no idea how much bandwidth I use a month, but my phone is through Vonage, I
have teenagers that like to play online games and chat with their friends,
and I like to upload my digital photos to my web server. Is 100 GB per month
reasonable, or should I shy away from anyone with a limit?


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