Windows cool now linux hot (temperature) on my laptop

Matthew Frederico mfrederico at
Mon Mar 19 15:16:58 MDT 2007

> cpufreq?  are you running full-bore in linux, when you could scale back
> during
> off times?

regular "nv" still gets hot -- I'll give text mode a shot - both cores are
running at 800mhz (lowest) ATM.

BUT -- I did find this:

"*the most interesting core change may be the dyntick/nohz one, where timer
ticks will only happen when needed. It's been brewing for a _loong_ time,
but it's in the standard kernel now as an option.*" Thomas Gleixner
explained a year ago how this could result in cooler CPUs and power savings,

Maybe I'll have to run a non-packaged kernel to remedy this one...

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