Asterisk installed at home. Looking for cool ideas

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Mon Mar 19 14:56:27 MDT 2007

On 3/18/07, Merrill Oveson <moveson at> wrote:
> Possible to get caller-id to pop up on your tv?
> Maybe thru the tivo box?
> This is something I'd love to see,  I'm watching TV and the phone rings,
> instead of having to go over to the phone and look on the caller id, the
> name and phone number of who's calling shows up on the tv.  Now I can elect
> to go and answer the phone, or push a button on my remote to turn off the
> ringer.
> When people call and they should be sending an email I get angry.
> On 3/16/07, Chris Carey <chris.carey at> wrote:
> >
> > I've finally got a working Asterisk install at home, and I'm trying to
> > think of how to add some pizzazz. Any suggestions?
> >
> > The setup is basic. Inbound/outbound calls are working. Two extensions
> > (one cisco phone, one sipura).
> >
> > Some things I'm planning on:
> > IVR - Press 1 for front room, Press 2 for the office
> > Voice Changer
> > Forwarding to Cell Phones
> >
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Just wanted to say thanks for the responses. You guys rock.

Already I have Festival TTS announcing CallerID name back to the
caller. "Hello Bob Barker, Thanks for calling Chris. Please wait while
I ring the phone.." . Also for late night calls: "Hi, its a little
late at night to be calling. If this is an emergency, press 1 and I'll
ring the phone. Otherwise hang on the line and leave a message".

All of my dial plan and logic is in PHP. The dialplan (for incoming
calls) has one entry - for the AGI script to call the php page.

How about this: The American Idol autodialer. Now I know how Sanjia
didn't get kicked off last week!

I'll post back on this thread in a week or so after Ive implemented
some more of these ideas.


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