Perl 5.8.8 in Ubuntu 6.06

Shane Hathaway shane at
Mon Mar 19 14:51:50 MDT 2007

Joseph Hall wrote:
> I'm willing to bet that just installing 5.8.8 from aptitude would fix
> things, but it doesn't seem to be available for Ubuntu 6.06. Can
> somebody point me in a good direction to get my Perl install fixed,
> without having to apply major changes to my system?

AFAIK, apt is not aware of Perl versions at all.  The "5.8.7" path is 
hard-coded in the binary packages designed for Ubuntu 6.0.6.  Therefore, 
I think your most likely choices are:

1) Downgrade to Perl 5.8.7.  This ought to be possible without too much 
effort, unless one of your CPAN libraries depend on 5.8.8.

2) Begin using prevu for all of your Perl packages.  Probably a lot of work.

3) Upgrade to a later version of Ubuntu.  6.10 has Perl 5.8.8.  I think 
I'd choose this if I were you.

An unlikely choice is to switch to Gentoo.  Gentoo provides great tools 
for solving version conflicts.  However, Gentoo is overkill if you don't 
experience version problems very often.


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