Windows cool now linux hot (temperature) on my laptop

Matthew Frederico mfrederico at
Mon Mar 19 11:43:21 MDT 2007

Thanks for the response Shane.

How did you find out what the video card temperature is?

I have the proprietary nvidia drivers installed -
[Gnome] applications -> system tools -> NVIDIA X Server Settings

There is an option there for Thermal Monitor

This page has the specs for your laptop:

Yeah, I  saw that page ... Unfortunately doesn't shed any light - and
neither did HP tech support.  I guess I'll just run windows.   After all,
its just a tool to get a specific job done .. right?

Are you running one of the 3D window managers, such as Compiz or Beryl?
>   They use OpenGL for everything.  I've heard that Windows Vista also
> uses 3D everywhere, but I don't know if that's true.  On a laptop, it's
> better to stick with something simpler like GNOME, KDE, or XFCE.

I run gnome, and Beryl lets me turn on the eye-candy just fine.  If I am
running it or not, it still gets piping hot.

I bet I am missing some key power-saving mode or something.

-- Matthew Frederico
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