Asterisk installed at home. Looking for cool ideas

Merrill Oveson moveson at
Sun Mar 18 10:27:52 MDT 2007

Possible to get caller-id to pop up on your tv?
Maybe thru the tivo box?

This is something I'd love to see,  I'm watching TV and the phone rings,
instead of having to go over to the phone and look on the caller id, the
name and phone number of who's calling shows up on the tv.  Now I can elect
to go and answer the phone, or push a button on my remote to turn off the

When people call and they should be sending an email I get angry.

On 3/16/07, Chris Carey <chris.carey at> wrote:
> I've finally got a working Asterisk install at home, and I'm trying to
> think of how to add some pizzazz. Any suggestions?
> The setup is basic. Inbound/outbound calls are working. Two extensions
> (one cisco phone, one sipura).
> Some things I'm planning on:
> IVR - Press 1 for front room, Press 2 for the office
> Voice Changer
> Forwarding to Cell Phones
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