Asterisk installed at home. Looking for cool ideas

Justin Findlay justin at
Sat Mar 17 02:18:24 MDT 2007

On AD 2007 March 16 Friday 11:47:14 PM -0600, Hans Fugal wrote:
> - stuff with a cat
> - ...

This sounds like a barrel of fun, but sorrowly I have no cat. :(  Which
version of Asterisk comes with the cat?

Here's a weird idea.  Try to think up phone interfaces to stuff using
t2s and s2t, like a database interface.  It doesn't necessarily have to
be raw SQL, you could have a special, dynamic phone interface to check
on stuff in your DB, or: email, chats (heh), RSS feeds, stock quotes,
weather, time, news, phase of the moon, slashdot, traffic, google
searches, wikipedia queries, etc.


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