ARP-spoofing defense

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Wed Mar 14 22:37:16 MDT 2007

Thus said Nicholas Leippe on Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:53:10 PDT:

> I've always wondered about that. I search the man pages, and looked at
> the  host key/files,  but never  figured out  how to  find the  host's
> fingerprint  to do  this.  I've  thought about  recording  all of  our
> server's fingerprints and publishing them somewhere/bringing them with
> me so I could verify them when I'm connecting from offsite.

How about you just put a  known_hosts with all your host fingerprints in
it on  your laptop  before you connect  from offsite?  Hopefully offsite
doesn't mean connecting from public  computer systems... All it takes is
one PC that you think can be trusted that has a keylogger running on it.

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