ARP-spoofing defense

Topher Fischer javert42 at
Wed Mar 14 10:52:38 MDT 2007

I'm doing a little research project that uses ARP-spoofing to perform an
attack.  It's kind of unnerving to see how easy it is to perform a
man-in-the-middle attack with ARP-spoofing, and mess with somebody's
network traffic.

My first question is, does anybody here actively do anything to protect
their machines against ARP-spoofing?  Do you set static entries in your
ARP tables, or run any services to watch for unusual ARP activity?  Have
you made any adjustments to your router settings in this regard?

Also, in my mind, the solution to this problem seems too easy.  I must
be missing something.  Why do machines even pay attention to ARP replies
that they did not solicit?  Why isn't ARP just implemented so that when
a request is sent out, then any matching replies are processed and
nothing more?  What am I missing here?

Topher Fischer
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