Wireshark Deciphering

Daniel teletautala at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 11:05:01 MDT 2007

I looked at the "follow tcp stream" function in wireshark.  It didn't
help me much except for the fact that I could see some of the
certificate being sent.

I run top and watch the httpd processes.  When I submit the form on
"page A" I use quickforms to process the data.  Then the I use a
redirect to send them to the next page.  There is a link on "page B"
that points to "page A."

When I redirect from "page A" to "page B" httpd process "X" is used.
When I use the link on "page B" to "page A" process "X" is used.  When
I redirect back to "page B" it uses process "X" but nothing seems to
happen and there is a hang up.  Then it uses process "X + 1."

There is a correlation between the slow timing and the start up of a
new httpd process.  Is there a setting in httpd.conf I need to modify?
 Is httpd the problem?


On 3/12/07, Robert Lawrence <robertlawrence1281 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I captured 94 packets for the one on the Linux box and 35 packets for
> > the one on the iSeries.
> If your results with optimizing dont make as much difference as you
> would like or if you don't find the root of the number of packet
> descrepency there is a little feature in wireshark called "follow tcp
> stream" under analize that if you are looking at a pile of packets it
> will line up just the payloads of the tcp packets for you and color
> code it with regards to whom was the sender of any given piece of
> information.  If the packets you captured were encoded it may not be
> as useful but it still may give you some useful information.  (the
> linux is doing lots of really small packets vs large for the other
> system or something like that)
> Robert
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