Please feed the calendars [was: BYU UUG Meeting Mar. 15th]

Von Fugal von at
Mon Mar 12 22:28:29 MDT 2007

> No reason we can't have both. You can ask for all the calendars, or any
> calendars you want. For example, or
> or even
> Von Fugal

Oops, forgot one last suggestion. It could even be implemented as a feed
aggregator thing. I'm just thinking about keeping things simpler for the
individual groups, maybe it would be better if they can each keep things
on their own respective sites, ya know, instead of the possible friction
of going to another site to add meeting details. Then again it might be
easier to use an existing system. Of course we could leave that up to
the site developers, have both options available.

Von Fugal

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