Wireshark Deciphering

Robert Lawrence robertlawrence1281 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 17:50:47 MDT 2007

> I captured 94 packets for the one on the Linux box and 35 packets for
> the one on the iSeries.

If your results with optimizing dont make as much difference as you
would like or if you don't find the root of the number of packet
descrepency there is a little feature in wireshark called "follow tcp
stream" under analize that if you are looking at a pile of packets it
will line up just the payloads of the tcp packets for you and color
code it with regards to whom was the sender of any given piece of
information.  If the packets you captured were encoded it may not be
as useful but it still may give you some useful information.  (the
linux is doing lots of really small packets vs large for the other
system or something like that)


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